A Quick Heads Up

So, today’s not only my birthday (well, technically yesterday was because of timezones) but my parents – the ones I haven’t seen in nearly fifteen months – are arriving. I’m so very fuckin’ excited. This is my excited face. I know you can’t see my excited face, but that’s okay because it is basically just my normal face with slightly raised eyebrows. I know few of you know what I look like, and that’s also okay. I have a limited ability for outwardly displaying emotions and I’d prefer to leave it to your imaginations. Point is excited face. ‘Cause not only are my parents coming to Vancouver, we’re going to climb on a plane together and go bum around New York for a week. Gonna be sweeeeet.

Anyway, in the words of Busdriver – the immortal black astronaut – “So, what does this mean for you?”

It means I’m gonna be pretty incommunicado for the next week or two. That means no Irrational Irritations and Life in the Avenger’s Barracks this week coming, possibly no Old School Movie Review next week (we’ll see what my schedules like). I tried to build up a buffer but a couple of long shifts at the day job made it pretty impossible, especially with the sheer amount of writing it required.

And that segues nicely into the second thing I wanted to talk about. I’m gonna have to cut back on the scheduled posts. Right now it will probably just be Irrational Irritations going on sort of hiatus or semi-regular scheduling. Old School Reviews are easier to write up normally, and I don’t want to make Life in the Avenger’s Barracks take any longer that it has to (we’re eight chapters in and nobody’s even died yet). It’s become a much bigger project than I planned it to be originally – which is great because I’ve learnt so much from it – and it’s eaten away at all my writing time. So, until it’s done? We’ll see what I can get written up.

Thanks to those who read this and have a great week or two. Talk soon!

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