The name’s Tom. I’m an Aussie entering his mid-twenties, born and bred in Sydney but currently residing in the lovely (but distinctly colder than I’m used to) nation of Canada. Don’t think we need to know much more than that.

What is this all about then? Buggered if I can say for sure. The long and short of it (heh) is that for the most part this is an excuse to write about the topics that interest me, answer the questions that I want to answer: How plausible is the single currency system presented in the Mass Effect games? Does The Legend of Korra‘s subversive villains provide one of the best mirrors of real geopolitics in fantasy literature? Should we be concerned that the rebooted Tomb Raider is in therapy for apparent PTSD, or that more game protagonists aren’t? How many of these will I write before I get bored? Does anyone else actually care about this crap? Only time (and visitor trackers) can tell. With my relatively recent arrival in a new country I’ll also be writing about my experiences here, the fun cultural differences (such as with beer and sport), and whatever else takes my fancy.

Mostly I just like to write. Here’s hoping it’s worth reading.

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