Regular Reading

While perusing this website you might spot a few familiar titles, owing to my love of themes and alliteration, and general delusions of grandeur. Some of these make a regular appearance, some a not so regular appearance. See below for a quick rundown of what you might find and find interesting.

The Regulars

Irrational Irritations and other Unnecessary Issues: A short rant about something that’s got my attention for better or worse. Usually worse. Might be travel related or fashion related or plumbing related or music related. Who knows? I usually don’t, up until I actually sit down to write them. Posted on a tuesday every fortnight for astrological reasons. Not really, I’m just making excuses for being lazy.

Reviewing the Old School: Simply put, a review of a movie that didn’t come out recently. Like, at least ten years old so far. I might do something a little younger if it takes my fancy, but we’ll see. These are films that have caught my interest and attention in the past, usually that I have some nostalgia or love for. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, just that I like them for some (frequently stupid) reason. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you if I don’t think you’ll like it. Posted on thursdays, also two weeks apart.

The Stories we Tell: The result of a recent decision to add a bit of fiction to this blog. Basic idea is that I’m gonna take the randoms from whatever game I’m currently playing and give them backstories, personalities, friendships and between mission-hobbies. So I guess I’m technically writing fanfiction. Huh. Not sure how I feel about that. Time will tell. Not decided on a set schedule yet, but I’m hoping to either write up a short story or chapter in an ongoing narrative at least once a week. Not promising anything. Any creative writing will be listed under the category Not at all true.

The Irregular but Recognisable

View from across the Ocean: Quick run down of the politics of whatever I’m seeing on the news. Occasionally Canadian, American or elsewhere (since I currently live so close) but far more likely a distant view of what seems to be happening back home in Australia. I prefer keeping a light, even-handed tone to these, so if the news is just depressing or needlessly one-sided I might not write one of these up for a while. They have been sparse lately…

… Or why I Loved: Usually summed up in the title. A reason why I really enjoyed a particular property, be it an abundance of Aussie accents in a videogame or a reminder of why we need feminism in a comic. Different reasons, sometimes profound. Usually not. But on occasion.