Contact and follow

Just leave a comment on the relevant post. No? Fine. If you really feel like it, you can email me over at:

Love-mail, hate-mail, relative-indifference mail can all be sent there and will all be welcome. I give no guarantees however that I will reply. Or read it. Or not assume it’s just spam and delete it. But, hey, when does life ever come with guarantees? I kid. I kid. Mostly.

I guess you can also send messages through Tumblr if you’re so inclined. Probably follow me that way as well. Again, if you’re so inclined.

I even got a Twitter these days. Not much on it beyond the odd bit of sarcasm and occasional question of how much swearing I can fit into 140 characters while still making a coherent statement. Follow or retweet or whatever over @longanshort and I will be, well, not eternally grateful, but still pretty damn grateful.

I’ll get around to adding other social media and their respective contactables eventually. Til then, this’ll have to do.

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