A bit of a heads up.

Alright. How are we all today? Good? Fantastic. Quick word with the couple of dozen of you excellent and discerning folk who regularly frequent this site (and anybody that chooses to join such illustrious company in the near future).

To start with, I’d like to direct you over to Evade Gismo. It’s a blog written by a co-worker of mine and his brother. It’s been going for a couple of months now (though I was only made aware of it recently), and is obviously still a work in progress as any new and old blog always is, but I like the aesthetic, they’ve got high ambitions and the style is not altogether dissimilar to how I write over here. The main reason I’m mentioning it, however (aside from giving a shout-out to a mate’s work of course, which is a given), is that there’s been a bit of talk about regularly contributing to their site. Not sure when, what or how, but I will make sure that anything published over there is at least re-blogged over here as well (since I’m bad enough at keeping up over here without dividing my content further). Anyway, I was thinking journaling and critiquing a playthrough of KotOR II now that it’s been released on Mac. What do you guys think? I think it could be fun.

Whatever happens, if it happens, probably won’t be for a few weeks mind you, and that segues half-neatly into item two on the agenda. I’m going travelling for a couple of weeks. My sister’s flying in from Australia and we’re gonna go for a terrific jaunt ’round the good old US-of-A. When am I going on this trip? That’s a great question voice in my head that sounds suspiciously like Sam Worthington practising his American accent. I’ll be climbing onto a 7am flight tomorrow down to LA. Should be good fun. That might make the next few weeks of updates here… difficult. The plan is that I will be updating a new Irrational irritations and other unnecessary issues every week (wifi willing) on Tuesday (wherever I happen to be time), but a few other posts I had planned for the next few weeks might have to wait ’til I get back. But, hey, I’ll take pictures. Can’t promise you guys’ll see any of them, of course, but pictures will be taken.

Alright then, that’s it for today. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. I’d just like to say that I appreciate all the people who are so patient with me and continue to check in regularly. Talk soon, and here’s hoping I’m more deserving of your attentions in the future.

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