Not quite Writer’s Block

Bloody hell it’s tough to write sometimes. I think we all know that. It often seems like most of the people who read blogs are aspiring (or successful) writers themselves. I know I am (aspiring that is). So we all know how tough it is to write sometimes. Writer’s block, and all that shit. It happens. I’m rambling a bit. Probably because I’ve got a touch of the block at the moment. Or do I? Maybe. Maybe it’s just that life’s been getting in the way. Fuckin’ life.

I’ve got about four different drafts currently cluttering up my dashboard in various stages of incompleteness for the past few weeks, but for the past few weeks my writing schedule (which I’d only recently started getting to grips with) has been a bit fucked. A bunch of last minute additional and split shifts at work (partly as a result of me never saying no to more hours and more pay… Australians are a deceptively hard working bunch) and the need to search for a new place to live (ah, Craigslist, where everybody spells quite instead of quiet, advertisements – legit or otherwise – are aimed at FEMALES ONLY and grammar is an optional extra) has left me with few of the long periods I usually like to write in. Instead I’ve been working in twenty minute or so blocks, getting a hundred words down then coming back later or the next day unable to transition back into the train of thought that led to that hundred words. Wondering what the hell was the point I was trying to make. Rewriting. Maybe coming back with a different topic and starting yet another draft post. Giving up and heading over to Youtube instead.

Half a cold hasn’t helped. I say half because I’ve only seemed to have half the usual symptoms at a time. The really annoying thing is that it’s left my ears blocked and me three quarters deaf. I’ve got some drops that are meant to clear them up but so far all they’ve done is left me with a soar neck from tilting my head so they don’t leak out. Is that gross? That might be a bit gross. Sorry about that.

Anyway. Hopefully I’ve got some time right now to do a bit of writing. Finish something other than a rambling excuse for why I haven’t been as active as I should. Also using it to catch up on some shows and stuff… So that I have some topics for upcoming posts. Yeah. That’s it. Have you watched Daredevil yet? Go watch Daredevil. It’s pretty awesome. Now I gotta go tilt my head for an hour, because I want to be able to hear again soon.

Fuckin’ life.

2 thoughts on “Not quite Writer’s Block

  1. To paraphrase a bunch Victorian louts, Life might be a c*nt, but at least it’s not a fucking c*nt.

    Your post has a touch of the Bret Easton Ellis about it – and personally I’d rather read interesting ramblings than polished shit. There you go, i just gave you the internet equivalent of a cricketer’s arse pat, hope you’re feeling encouraged.

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