Starting out

So I’m starting a blog… yeah… hmmm… I need to write something else, don’t I?

So I’ve started a blog and I’m already starting to worry. The basic plan for this is I’m just gonna start writing, start introducing it to people, start hoping that it gains a bit of a following, see where it takes me (us, if anyone ever reads this… shit I hope they don’t. Not the blog, just this stupid intro).

The hope is to write a bit of socio-economic commentary (WOO! Long words!), write a bit of pop-culture analysis (movies, video games, TV, my defiant hatred of anything by Lana Del Rey, etc), and maybe throw in a little alcohol in between (I’m thinking themed cocktail Fridays. Cause I like themes).

So yeah, work in progress. Let’s see where it takes us and hope to hell this works.

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