What’s what? A bit of blog news.

Alright guys, so I’m typing this from my hostel room in Toronto right now. I’m about to take a nap (because my body clock is fucked), then I’m gonna go drinking. Hooray for me! But first I wanted to explain the spotty update schedule.

So as has been mentioned, I’m taking the long road back to Australia. That means I’m basically gonna spend the next four weeks on the move without the time, internet access and (if I’m being honest) inclination for most of that period to consistently update the site. Adding new content is hard. That doesn’t mean I won’t, it just might be randomly spaced and topically random. Couple of things, however, I’d like you to know:

1. Life in the Avenger’s Barracks is on a sort of hiatus. Not that it won’t be updated, just it… won’t be updated. Fuck. Alright, so we’re coming onto the last few chapters now, coming to the end and I want to get this right. I’m gonna come right out and say it’s probably not going to be as satisfying as I want, but that’s alright. This has always been an experiment and practice. But I don’t want to release chapters until they’re done. And that’s gonna be hard for the next few weeks. I’m so sorry to those who have had to deal with my already unreliable update schedule, and I appreciate everyone who’s still reading and will finish this adventure with me.

2. I’ll be rejiggering the schedule when I get back. I’ve got a few new semi regulars I wanna try out and maybe the dramatic return of irrational irritations. Maybe. We’ll see.

3. I love you guys.

What’s happening in the near future with me and this site.

Six days to go. Six days ’til I climb onto a 777 with whatever worldly belongings I can stuff into my backpack. Six and a half ’til I climb off the plane in a new city, in a new country, and see how hard it is to try and make a life somewhere completely different. Six days. That’s not bloody long, is it?

Honestly, I’ve been trying not to think about it too much. Or at all. That’s how I cope. I procrastinate. I’m still procrastinating (still haven’t booked a hostel to stay at when I initially land, while I look for more permanent accommodation). But it’s really hitting me now. The going away party has been partied. Friends and loved ones are vying for my time. The doubts are starting to build up. The stress is taking its toll. Y’know how people stress-eat? I stress-un-eat, lose my usually impressive appetite. I’m not panicking ’cause I’m not one to panic unnecessarily, I just become a shitload more temperamental, more easily frustrated and angered. That might be worse.

Six days. Christ, not long at all. Then I’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada instead of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Watching hockey instead of cricket. Hunting down late night poutine instead of kebabs. Getting drunk in ‘historic’ Gastown instead of ‘hipster’ Newtown. Drinking shit North American coffee instead of amazing Australian coffee. Doesn’t sound too bad, aside from that last part. Still, six days. Fuckin’ terrifying.

As for the site, well I’m going to try very, very hard to keep it from turning into yet another travel blog. God knows the only thing the internet needs less is food blogs. I am also going to try very, very hard to get into regular updates. That might be a little while coming, what with the massive transitional phase and unknown access to the internet, but I’ll try to do it sooner, rather than later. I’ve slowed down a bit lately as well, because as much as I like writing, the stress has made it feel too much like work. So I’ve been procrastinating over posts. I’ll stop that. Promise. Tomorrow.

Got some plans for the future. Going to finish what I want to write about DA:I, vent some issues with CoD: Advanced Warfare, enjoy the political situation a bit more (it’s become pretty hilarious lately), try and stay a bit more current and topical. I’m also gonna do some changes to the lay-out (getting a bit tired of the grey), get some more regular sketches up, maybe fork out for a proper domain name etc, etc.  So keep an eye on this space, yeah?

Six days. Goddamn. Thanks for reading folks, wish me luck.